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Word limit for assignments

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Word limit for assignments
by Wanda Grudzinska - Monday, 21 March 2016, 11:51 AM

This is a reminder to all students to keep to the designated word count for each assignment. Below is an extract from the Academic Handbook referring to word limits. Please note that the Academic Handbook states that the only exclusions from the word count are the footnotes, the bibliography, appendices and the title page (front page) which includes ID number, word count and assignment title.

'a)     Keep to the word limit.

Learning to work within a word limit is an important academic skill, because:

§  If you use more words than anybody else, you have an unfair advantage

§  The word limit gives you an idea of how much time and effort you should spend on an assignment

§  You need to show that you know how to express yourself clearly and concisely

§  In practical ministry, you will have a limited time or space (e.g. in a sermon or church magazine) to express yourself and need to know how to work within limits

For this reason, you may be penalised if you go more than 10% over the word limit set for an assignment:

Work that is more than 10% and up to 20% over the limit (e.g. a 2000-word essay that is 2200-2400 words long) will lose 5 marks;

Work that is more than 20% and up to 30% over the limit (e.g. a 2000-word essay that is 2400-2600 words long) will lose 10 marks;

Work that is more than 30% over the limit (e.g. a 2000-word essay that is over 2600 words long) may be marked only up to the required word length and it will be capped with the pass mark.

The word limit includes all the main text of the piece of work, and thus incorporates tables and images. It excludes footnotes, bibliography and appendices.  It also excludes front page titular information, such as the ID number, stated word count, and assignment title.

If the application of a penalty for exceeding the word limit would reduce the mark of an assignment which would otherwise pass to a mark below pass level, then the mark for the assignment should instead be capped at pass level. 

Please note that appendices should only contain supporting material relevant to the main body of the assessed work, and must not contain any additional analysis or argument.'

Your co-operation in this matter would be appreciated.

Many thanks