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Search for a Director of Operations

Search for a Director of Operations

by David Hewlett -
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We seek a full time Director of Operations who will be responsible for the efficient and effective running of the Foundation in all aspects of its organisational life.  S/he will be a member of the leadership team, sharing responsibility for the leadership of the Foundation with Centre Directors and the Director of Finance.  

Please have a look at the brief description below and if you know of anyone who may be interested encourage them to look at our website where they can find more information on the News section.  The deadline for applications is 6th April.

The Director of Operation's role includes:

  • Overseeing the planned developments on the campus and routine maintenance work
  • Leading and coordinating the Foundation’s administrative and support services
  • Working with the leadership team to formulate and implement the Foundation’s overall aims and objectives
  • Leading the management committee
  • Being a key policy advisor to the Principal, leadership team and Governors

 We therefore seek someone:

  • Willing to take a hands on attitude to the work that needs to be done
  • Having the people skills to enable people to work together and the experience and ability to resolve problems with tact and to motivate people to give of their best
  • Having organisational and business skills and able to harness these to the primary purposes of the Foundation
  • Sympathetic to the Christian ethos of the College, its educational and formational life, and committed to the formation of a community that is inclusive and diverse