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Plans for After Half-Term (from June 7th onwards)

by Clive Marsh -

Building on my message of 19th March, and in the wake of the Government’s encouragement to Universities to open up as much as possible after May 17th, we have been making careful plans about our activities as an institution for the final half-term of the academic year (from June 7th). Whilst we would have liked to switch back to full face-to-face teaching we have had to come to the conclusion that we cannot achieve this in its entirety. Given the limits on physical space for teaching we do need to proceed cautiously. We shall therefore make an announcement w/b May 24th about which groups may be able to be invited back onto campus in a limited way between early June and mid-July, and members of these groups will be, or have already been, contacted directly in the meantime. What we can say at this point is that the following events will happen online:

  • The Foundation Celebration Event on June 12th, taking place from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m..
  • All CBT events until the end of the academic year.
  • Year 1 QRC1, QCC1 and CBT-UG Residential Weekend 6 on June 18th-20th.
  • Year 1 Lichfield Reader Study Day on June 19th
  • Year 2 QRC2 and QCC2 Residential Weekend 6 on July 2nd-4th.

We appreciate that members of the above groups may be disappointed that face-to-face teaching and learning cannot happen as yet, and are sorry that this is so, but we trust you will understand why we have to make these decisions. We shall be prioritizing leavers as we enable some students to return, so that the ‘rounding off’ process of the learning/formation experience can happen to some extent. We shall then be looking at possible limited face-to-face meetings for some first year students. To anticipate in advance what this will mean for students and staff: all returning to campus/coming to campus for the first time will be strongly encouraged to take a Covid test before coming onto campus, so please do bear that in mind in readiness for our later announcement and work out where you will be able to take a test, or secure some testing kits for yourself. These are available through We shall be making testing kits available on site, though will not have set up a testing centre as such. Sanitization arrangements are, however, already in place.

Thank you, as ever, for your patience and understanding, and for ‘keeping going’ in the midst of all of this. There really is a new hopefulness around just now, and even a new energy and sense of excitement as the first steps ‘back to (new) normality’ are starting to happen on campus. Even if you are one of those who may not experience what this means until September (or later for our students in other countries) you are just as much a valued member of the Queen’s community and please know that you are in our prayers as we know we will be in yours.

At least we can all be ‘together’ online for the Foundation event on June 12th from 11.00 am (UK time) – so do keep that date free if you can.

With blessings and best wishes as always

Clive Marsh


Library Reopening

by Clive Marsh -

I am delighted to be able to report that the Queen's library is due to reopen at 10 am on Monday May 17th. It will, from that point, be open 24/7 (subject to ongoing review in the light of government guidance), for browsing and borrowing, although not initially for study. Full details of the services available and the precautions which we will be putting in place can be found in the attached document. The attachment also includes information about swipe cards (there is a new system in place across the campus).

‘New’ students should note that you will not be able to use the library in person until you have received your library induction. You will receive an email from the librarian about induction very shortly.

With every good wish to you all for your continued studies - and especial good wishes to those at some distance away who may need to practise patience before being able to experience the library's delights.

Clive Marsh


Student Advantage should now be working again

by Judith Rossall -

Dear All

We are sorry that there have been problems with Student Advantage, but are glad to say the issue should now be resolved and you should have access again.

Best wishes


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