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David Hewlett
International Ecumenical Evening
by David Hewlett - Wednesday, 19 February 2020, 2:23 PM

On Wednesday 26 February there will be an open event at Queen's at which Church leaders from South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) will share their experience of being a united or uniting church, inviting and challenging the divided churches of the UK to follow where they have led.  

The event will begin at 6.45 in the Wakefield Room and all are welcome.

David Hewlett


Picture of Wanda Grudzinska
Election of Durham Student Reps for 2020-2021
by Wanda Grudzinska - Monday, 17 February 2020, 12:19 PM

Please don't forget to vote! Your vote is important!

All Queen's students enrolled on programmes with Durham University are entitled to vote in the Election of Durham Student Reps for 2020-2021 on the moodle page called:

 'Common awards student election 2020-2021 & Student Feedback'. 

All information about candidates is on the page.

Voting closes at 1pm on 28.2.2021

On the same page you are asked to give feedback to current student reps by 19th February 2020.

With kind regards


Mark Earey
SCM Book sale - virtual sale for those not on-site
by Mark Earey - Tuesday, 11 February 2020, 4:46 PM

If you are on-site today (Tues 11th) you'll find the SCM booksale in the Common Room.

However, as usual, for all our many students who are not physically present at Queen's on a Tuesday, they are offering us a 'virtual booksale' with the same discount (20% off all full-priced books). To access the...

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