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Turnitin report

by Judith Rossall -

Dear All,

Please note that in future when you submit an assignment over Moodle you will now have access to your Turnitin similarity report.  We have discussed this change with your academic reps and they thought that it would be helpful to students to be able to see the report. 

Turnitin is a piece of software which checks what you have written for any word for word similarities with previously published material.  Being able to see the report should therefore be helpful to you in avoiding plagiarism – but you do need some guidance on how access and interpret the report.  I have attached the information that you need.  Please download this and not only read it but also keep it somewhere safe so that you can consult it next time you submit an assignment. 


It is not compulsory for you to read the Turnitin report – but we do advise it.  The markers will consult Turnitin as part of the marking process.


Best wishes



Continuing Corvid19 update

by David Hewlett -

These are very uncertain times and it is difficult to plan.  We continue to listen carefully to advice from our public health bodies, our churches, and in relation to teaching and learning from our partner universities and the QAA, Office for Students.  We are busy moving Easter schools to online forms of learning.  So far our universities and regulatory bodies have not given directions about academic programmes but we are expecting some information and guidance in a week.  In the meantime, as said before, we will be generous about extensions and will use special adverse circumstances procedures where we individuals or cohorts have been affected in their results.  We are not at liberty to make any changes until our universities give guidance.  We are consulting with academic reps about this and our plans for the summer.

In the meantime we have received our report from our Periodic External Review which was conducted by the CoE, the Methodist Church and Durham University last October.  The outcome is outstanding - a decision of unqualified confidence in our work.  This is a rare achievement and one that affirms the hard work of everyone.  We will be responding to the reports recommendations through the usual channels of governors and Academic Management Group.

Finally, we want to share some Well-being resources during Covid 19  

In this unprecedented time, it is highly likely that we will all experience some difficult moments in the days and weeks ahead. It will be important to remember to be gentle with ourselves, alongside asking for help when we need it. Establishing a rhythm to the day, including prayer and exercise is recognised as contributing to staying well physically and mentally. Whilst keeping in touch is vital, some days we may conclude we are ‘zoomed out’ and may need to give ourselves permission to prioritise self-care. 

As we journey thought the next few months, please remember:

·         To keep in touch with your personal tutor via email/Skype every 3-4 weeks.

·         The Chaplain is available

·         Well-being Officer

The websites below are highly recommended and contain good advice and helpful resources.

1.       NHS

2.       Mental Health UK 

3.       Anxiety UK Telephone Helpline

Specific Guidance from the Methodist Church and the Church of England  

Methodist Church 

Church of England

The Tragedy and Congregations project



The upgraded Moodle

by Judith Rossall -

Dear All,

Moodle is now back and has been updated.  You will find that the first time you use any part of the new Moodle a user tour, introducing you to the new features, will automatically pop up.  Note that you can re-run the tour at any time, by scrolling to the bottom of the page where there is a link 'Reset user tour on this page'.

Please note that the Queen's Guide to Using Moodle for students might not be updated for a while.  For obvious reasons I am giving priority to helping staff to set up modules and the user tour provides most of the help that I think students will need.  If you have a problem, as ever, please email

Best wishes


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