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Heating works

Heating works

by David Hewlett -
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If you have been on campus over half term you will know that the asbestos removal from the boiler room in the New Building has taken longer than we hoped.  This is now nearly a week behind schedule and I am afraid that the news today is not good.  The tests that are required to sign the work off took place this morning and although three of the tests were passed one failed.  This means more removal work and it is unlikely to be the middle of next week before the plumbers can start their work.  We are doing everything possible to get this moved on but at this point our hands are tied by the rules laid down by the Health and Safety Executive.  I am sorry to say that it looks as though we are going to be two weeks into the second half of term before we have heating and hot water in the New Building and heating in the Handsworth Flats.  Although as I write it remains unseasonably warm the forecast is not good.  Both night time and day time temperatures are due to fall rapidly next week so our discomfort is going to increase.  There is little we can do to alleviate this, but please make sure you are dressed for warmth when you are on campus.  My particular concern is for families in the Handsworth flats so please let Alex know if you need additional heaters.  If you are in a room or dwelling affected by this and have a health condition that also makes it a priority for you to have more heating please let us know.  I know that many in the flats will be anxious about additional electricity costs as we go into a new month and I will make arrangements to address this. 

I am sorry that I am not the bearer of better news but I look forward to seeing you back next week.

David Hewlett