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Student volunteers required for the Staff Student Community Forum

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Student volunteers required for the Staff Student Community Forum
by Anjana Parmar - Friday, 24 October 2014, 2:47 PM

We want your learning and experience at and through Queen’s to be as positive as it can be, so your feedback and participation in improvements is essential.  This is the case whether you are full or part-time, whether you are here on the campus a lot or whether all your learning is dispersed and takes place in other venues.  I am emailing to tell you more about how we will seek to get your feedback and who will engage with this.  To that end I also invite you to consider offering to serve on the Staff Student Community Forum (SSCF).


I attach a document that sets out the background of the SSCF, the work that it needs to do, the way in which it will engage with feedback from the whole student body, and how it will be constituted. You will see that the forum will have up to 12 students as members, who need to be drawn from the breadth of student body and the varied communities that engage with learning, training or formation through Queen’s. 


The group also needs to be diverse, so that as it receives information and feedback through online surveys it can engage with this astutely and reflect on this collaboratively to help make recommendations that will be of benefit to all.  The group will need to meet at times that a dispersed and diverse group can manage, so it will probably have to meet either in evenings or at weekends.


Please let me know if you would be interested in being a member of this forum.  It may be that in the interests of securing a diverse and broad based group not everyone who offers can be a member. 


If you wish to serve on the Staff Student Community Forum, please contact Anj Parmar,