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Heating update

Heating update

by David Hewlett -
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As half term approaches there is also light at the end of the tunnel about heating in the New Building and the Handsworth Flats.  It is clear that as the weeks have gone on it has become increasingly difficult as the cold seeps into the whole building. It was not the start to the term that I wanted and I appreciate the way you have borne with this.  I am grateful that the weather has not been as cold for most of the time as it could have been and I have been pondering how easy it is to take for granted basics like heating and warmth. 

The asbestos removal in the New Building should be completed today (although it continues in the admin building which mean restrictions in there over half term).  Work will start on the pipes in the boiler room as soon as possible and my earnest hope is that we will be back to normal for the start of the second half of term, but I am reluctant to promise this as work often does not go according to plan.  There will be another update next Friday to keep you in the picture.  Meanwhile, if you are on campus watch out for a major conference from Wednesday of next week on Hindu-Christian relations; if you are away then travel safely; and for all, I trust you have a good week with time for refreshment.

David Hewlett