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External Examiner Reports for 2016-17 now on Moodle!

External Examiner Reports for 2016-17 now on Moodle!

by Katherine Onion -
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On behalf of Academic Management Group (AMG) who met yesterday afternoon (Tue 13th March), I am writing to let you know that External Examiner Reports on all university credit bearing work at undergraduate (UG) and post graduate (PG) level have been loaded onto Moodle for your reference.  Also included on the same page are our formal responses to these reports.  They are available in Academic and Foundation Information/ Academic Information / External Examiner Reporting.

The external examiner (EE) is external both to the Foundation and to our validating universities and samples large quantities of work to check that we are meeting national higher education academic standards. They have access to all summative assessment, all Moodle module and support pages (and therefore) module handbooks, resources etc.  If they are not happy with marking they can request things be re-marked and for marks to be changed marks- as a result the summative results you receive throughout the year are 'provisional' until they have been agreed by our external and the exam boards.  Changes of marks at this stage are rare but do happen. 

These reports interrogate in detail the quality of our teaching and learning and are completed by externals who are linked to both the academic and theological education sectors at the highest level.  The actions identified from these reports inform our work on academic committees for the year to come.  So, if you are interested to see the matters that your academic committees discuss on your behalf, linking data from external examiners to data from module evaluations, assessment results and other more general external and internal reviews, then these reports will be of interest.  The reports for the previous several years are on the same page so you can track our progress with changes if there is a matter that interests you.  Thanks from me to our academic reps who contribute to the work of AMG; please continue to assist us by utilising opportunities for feedback in module evaluations that are going on at the moment, student only meetings, the Moodle page etc. 

Whilst you will not see the benefit of changes you may have suggested to modules or to your programme, the students who follow behind you hopefully will!