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Access to Ebsco online Journals

Access to Ebsco online Journals

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear all,


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that you can no longer access Ebsco’s Religion & Philosophy Collection via the library website. This database is available to all students via the Common Awards Hub on Moodle, so our library subscription was allowed to lapse at the end of February, and Ebsco have now got round to disconnecting the library website’s link.


To find the Religion & Philosophy Collection on Moodle, select My Modules, and browse down to Hub Resources (you may need to select Show All Courses at the bottom of the initial list). Then select the My Resources tab, and select Ebsco Journals.

If you are not registered to use Moodle, please contact the Queen’s Moodle helpline to request an account.


Many thanks




Michael Gale, Librarian

Queen’s Foundation