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Covenant Commitments

Covenant Commitments

by David Hewlett -
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This message is of particular relevance to those who attend Queen's for Foundation Worship on Tuesday or Wednesday, but it may be of interest to those who gather to worship at Shallowford House, or more generally.

It is our practice each year, at this time of year, to share in an act of covenanting together.  We will do this next week at both Foundation Worship services.  The covenanting service draws on the Methodist tradition of renewing one's covenant relationship with God but we add to it a dimension of renewing our commitments to each other, to how we learn and pray and live together. 

If you are planning to be at Queen's next week for Foundation Worship you need to prepare for the service because the covenant commitments cannot be made lightly.  I attach a document that includes the covenant prayer that you will be invited to say, and you need to weigh this carefully and prayerfully beforehand.  It asks for a life laid open to God whatever may happen, so saying this with integrity is challenging.  But equally the commitments we wish to affirm in relation to each other and this community are demanding, so I include these in the attachment as well for your consideration. 

David Hewlett