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Assessment over Christmas

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Assessment over Christmas
by Katherine Onion - Thursday, 22 December 2016, 5:10 PM

To: All students,

This is a message to say THANK YOU to the vast majority of you for following the new rules around summative assessment submission – (converting things to PDF and naming the file correctly).  The move to online marking is going well, faculty are working hard to learn the new system and ensure the transition goes smoothly.  

As college closes w/c 26th Dec faculty are allowed an extra week for any marking or moderating they are due to complete over that period, the normal return date (unless specified differently in your module handbook) would therefore be 5 weeks after submission instead of 4.  

Some of you have submission deadlines on 5th and 6th Jan, if you try and upload these early and hit any technical problems- email but be aware that we won’t get to your messages until the office re-opens on Tuesday 3rd January- so look out for a reply from us at some point on that day

Attached is one of two guides to renaming files- an issue that came up for some of you.  Both are two be found on Moodle Under the Academic and Foundation Information area, Academic Information Page, Submitting Assessed Work section– we hope they are helpful.  

With very best wishes for the Christmas period from everyone in Registry.