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New submission process for Durham students

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New submission process for Durham students
by David Allen - Friday, 2 December 2016, 10:56 AM

Dear students,

As the end of term approaches, modules are coming, or have come, to an end and deadlines for work being submitted approach!

As you may know, we are beginning to rollout a more extended mode of online submission and the return of marks by the same method. We have reached a stage in our planning and testing where we wish to move to the next stage of the rollout (and we’re grateful to TMM2087 students who have already been part of the testing process for this). 

There are two aspects of this about which we wish to advise you: the submission process and the receipt of feedback/marks. Judith emailed you yesterday to hold off submitting assignments; we can now confirm that all Assignment Dropboxes are now ready, and you are free to submit as and when you are ready.

1) The submission process:

-       As of 2016–17, we are using the Turnitin software application as part of our plagiarism checking process, as required by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). However, Turnitin also gives the opportunity for the submission and marking of work online, and we are moving to a process whereby you submit through Moodle (as normal), but with your submission then being passed and lodged in Turnitin.  There is thus a slight change that you will experience when you next submit your assignment. When you submit to Moodle, you will be asked to accept Turnitin’s terms and conditions. You will only need to do this once and, in future, Moodle and Turnitin will remember that you have already accepted the T&Cs. Hence:

o    When you open the assignment dropbox, the first difference that you will see is that it now has ‘Turnitin’ in the top left-hand corner.   Immediately below that there will be a box which says:  To submit a file to Turnitin you must first accept our EULA. Choosing to not accept our EULA will submit your file to Moodle only. Click here to accept.

o    A EULA is an End User Licence Agreement - in other words you are accepting the T & C of Turnitin. Click on the writing.  You will be taken to a new screen which will ask you to accept the EULA, please do so.  As long as you have clicked the button that says ‘I agree’, you can be confident that Turnitin has recorded your agreement and simply close the browser.  (If you click the back button, it will return you to the page which asks you to agree to the EULA)

o    Once you have completed this process you should be able to submit an assignment as normal. 

o    If you do not wish to accept Turnitin’s T&Cs, please contact Registry ( in the first instance, as this may require an alternative mode of submission and assessment.


2) Receipt of feedback/marks:

-       There is a more significant change to the way in which you are advised of the mark and feedback for your work. We will advise you again of this once work starts to be returned, but want to signal it now too.

-       When your assignment is ready to be returned, you will receive an automated email to advising you of this. To access your assignment feedback:

o    Go to the assignment dropbox and open it.

o    You will see a little pen icon next to your submission – click on this and it will take you to the Turnitin document viewer for your assignment.  You will be able to see your mark in the top right hand side of the page (ignore the number which is marked ‘similar’).

o    To print out your assignment plus the grade sheet, look to the bottom left hand side of the page and click the icon of a printer and select ‘download PDF of current view for printing’.  This will download a PDF which you can store or print.

o    To see the comments online – look at the bottom right hand side of the page and click on the little pile of bricks which is furthest to the right, (if you hover over it you will ‘view/edit rubric scorecard for this paper).  When reading online, if you see a white bubble against a blue background – this means there is a comment.  Click on it to read.


Finally, please also note the following:

-       Turnitin-enabled submission is just for Common Awards modules. Those of you on Newman modules will continue with present modes of submission and return of work

-       We are rolling Turnitin out over the next couple of submission cycles, and therefore you may find that a December submission module is still on ‘old money’, and not Turnitin-enabled. We are aware of that, so please continue just to submit through the standard Moodle mechanism.


With best wishes