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Submission of Assignments

Submission of Assignments

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

Most students will have deadlines looming for their submission of assignments.  Please can I remind you that you need to convert the document to a PDF - and instructions for doing so are given in the Guide to Using Moodle.

In addition, if you are studying on the Queen's campus and registered with Durham University we are moving to online marking and return of marks.  This will have a small effect on how you submit your assignment and will also change how you receive your mark and comments.  The new system allows us to link our comments to specific places on your script, and feedback from our pilot group suggests that this has been very helpful.  It also cuts down the amount of administration involved in turning marking around.  You do not need to do anything yet, for now, we ask you to be aware that we updating all of the assignment dropboxes for those who have deadlines next week.  It would be extremely helpful if students could avoid uploading any new assignments in the next couple of days while we complete this work.  We do not believe that any students have a deadline earlier than next week - obviously if you have an assignment due in the next couple of days you should upload it as soon as possible. 

We will be in touch soon with full instructions on the new system.  If you have already uploaded an assignment, do not worry we will be in touch with instructions. 


Best wishes,