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New Method to Sign in for Meals at Queen's

New Method to Sign in for Meals at Queen's

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

Term is fast approaching, so I am writing to let you know about the new method by which we will ask everyone eating at Queen's to sign in for meals, using Moodle.

There is now a new page on Moodle (under Centre/Chapel Information) called the Hospitality and Catering Page.  A short survey to let you sign in for meals will become available on this page about two weeks ahead and will close at 5.00pm the Wednesday before each week begins.  There are two different surveys - one for daytime and resident students (and staff) and one for evening and weekend students.  We have attempted to make sure that everyone can see and use the survey most relevant to them.

This is part of our attempt to respond to a concern raised by students last year - it is important that we do not waste food in our catering, but our catering staff need accurate numbers in order to keep waste down.  Please work with us - and give us any feedback on how the new system works. 

This is a new system and will undoubtedly have a few early glitches - please email me if you have a problem.  The first survey will relate to the first full week of term (that is the week beginning 26th September).  I have been asked to remind you that this weekend is Induction for the new weekend students and the week beginning 19 September is Induction for the new daytime students and the preaching course for returning daytime students.  You do NOT need to sign in for Induction week/weekend.

With best wishes,