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Naming No 24.

Naming No 24.

by Judith Rossall -
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David has asked me to report that work is progressing well on the new accommodation and teaching centre that is being developed at No 24 Somerset Road.  The Methodist Church, whose property it is, is now looking for a name and has asked us if we would offer suggestions.  We have created a forum on the Community and Forums page.  This forum enables you to share your ideas about a name for this house, which will contribute to staff reflections.  It may be that Methodists will feel the greatest interest in this but the forum is open to all.  If you want to suggest a name please do so by Sept 27th and bear in mind the following:

  • The name needs to identify the house as a Methodist property
  • The name of John Wesley (or any Wesley) is already well used in relation to theological institutions
  • The house is exclusively for the use of Queen’s, both for accommodation and teaching facilities, so the name needs to speak to the Queen’s community in its diversity and breadth
  • It would be good if the name makes sense to the neighbourhood – i.e. not just an ‘insiders’ name
  • There are plenty of church buildings named after white men
  • Naming often involves looking back to the past; what about names that help look forward?

To access the Forum click here or look under Centre and Chapel Information for the page 'Community and Forums Page'.  If you have any issues about accessing the Forum, do get back to me.  Please note that the Forum will close at 17.00 on 27 September. 

Best wishes