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Messages from Queen's

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

It has come to our attention that there has been an issue with the site news forum, which means that not everyone has been getting the update emails from Queen’s.  This has now been sorted out.  Our apologies to those who did not get the messages.  If  you have not been receiving regular updates, please take a look at the Forum itself (which is on the front page of Moodle) and check the topics listed under Site News.  You can access the entire list by clicking ‘older topics’.

In particular, please note the messages relating to timetables.   A further reminder that teaching recommences next term as follows.

Tuesday Evening teaching at Queen’s: Tues 5th January 2016  and at Shallowford: Wed 6th January 2016

Daytime teaching at Queen’s (and Weds evening teaching at Queen’s) w/b 11th January 2016

I am taking the opportunity to underline the purpose of the site news forum.  We will ensure that messages sent out using this facility are generally related to the life of Queen’s Foundation and all who are part of it.  Obviously Queen’s is a very diverse foundation and you may find that some message are less relevant to you.  If you are a current student or user, please simply ignore those messages which do not apply to you directly.


If you are a past student of Queen’s, please note that we will be deleting old accounts this December and you will therefore no longer receive these emails.  Please make sure you have downloaded any remaining information from the site in the next few days.   If you find that you are still getting messages from Queen’s in the New Year and are certain that you no longer need your account, please email and we will ensure that your account is deleted.