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Heating in the New Building

David Hewlett
Heating in the New Building
by David Hewlett - Friday, 10 October 2014, 3:14 PM

The work on the pipes in the New Building has been delayed because asbestos was found on them and it is the law that all work must cease while authorities are notified and plans put into place for its safe removal.  We have agreed a plan for this to happen and the removal works is scheduled to take place w/c 20th October. This should take a week and the pipework replacement will recommence the week after, taking a further week to complete.


Asbestos will be removed out of the back door of the New Building (where the white board is) and a tunnel constructed for the removal of the asbestos. The air in this part of the building will be constantly monitored to ensure it is safe for us to continue to use the pigeon holes and the Gilmore Room.  Once this is completed work can begin again on the heating pipes but we cannot see this being finished before half term.


We are conscious that teaching rooms need heating and we will be installing heaters there as well as the weather gets colder.


Thank you for bearing with us during this time.