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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

by David Allen -
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In the light of the Government's updated guidance of the 16.3.20, we have updated our current response to the Corona virus here at Queen’s.

Queen's will remain open on Tuesday 17th March, for all activities – worship, teaching and catering. However:

    • Anyone who is anxious about being present for communal gatherings has permission to exclude themselves from any of these activities.
    • We would advise students to come to campus by car or foot, and not to use public transport. If you are only able to come by public transport, please do not do so, and please let the relevant module tutor know that you will be absent from modular sessions.
    • Reading week will finish today (16/3) with this evening’s modules, and therefore no face-to-face operations will take place on campus, or at the Beacon Centre, from 17th March onwards. If, for example, you have tutorial meetings or supervisions arranged, please be in contact with the relevant tutor to arrange for these to be done by virtual or electronic means.
    • Any weekly commuter has permission to leave campus and return home immediately if they have concerns for family or friends.
    • Catering for staff and students will cease after breakfast on Wednesday 18th March.
The Leadership Team will be meeting on Wednesday 18th March to plan for the more long-term implications of the ongoing situation. This will include Easter Schools, library access, impacts on assessments, teaching and tutorials, along with the wider operation of the site and our business.