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Annual Covenanting Service at Queen's

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Annual Covenanting Service at Queen's
by Jane Craske - Friday, 3 January 2020, 4:54 PM

On the 14th January students and staff who are present at Foundation Worship at Queen's will take part in our annual covenanting service.  This service draws on covenanting traditions, especially within the Methodist Church, in the renewal of our covenanted relationship with God, and includes a reaffirmation of our desire as an ecumenical community to seek and pray for unity in and through our diversity and difference.

The renewal of covenant includes prayers and commitments that need to be weighed carefully and prayerfully, so attached to this message is a document that gives the texts of those prayers.  Those in their first year who are on the Queen's campus will have the opportunity to review these prayers at the community meeting this Tuesday afternoon (7th January).  Others who will be in chapel on either the 14th need to prepare beforehand by considering these prayers.  Others who are worshipping at a different time or place may want to draw on these resources and share with us in spirit.