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Queen's Annual Bicycle Audit

Queen's Annual Bicycle Audit

by Georgina Bewley -
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To all Queen’s Cyclists!

The annual bike audit is due in February!!

At Queen’s we provide two locked bike sheds and one covered bike rack for your use.

Every year, we conduct an annual bicycle audit to determine that bikes stored in the sheds/rack are in current use.  We do this by asking users to claim from Facilities a Bicycle Permit, that you display on your bike.  

This activity happens each year as we have several bikes that are left behind by former students and the bike sheds are currently full to capacity. 

The audit is due to be completed by Thursday, February 14th.  Any unclaimed/abandoned bikes will be removed and sent to charity after this date.  (I will be bringing the date of the next audit forward to October 2019 and will conduct the same activity each October.)

In addition to this Moodle message, I will also display signs on the bike sheds and rack to ensure everyone knows about this activity and has ample time to obtain a Bicycle Permit.

Bicycle permit can be claimed from Georgina Bewley – Facilities.

With best wishes,