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Car Parking for week beginning 24th September

Car Parking for week beginning 24th September

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

We are nearly there on the new car park.  At the moment the new car park is not surfaced, so it is possible to use at your own risk. 

The expectation is that on Monday 24th the heavy equipment will return to site and then the gravel will start to arrive.   All being well we expect that it will not be possible to access the car park for the whole week but it will be in a finished state for the next weekend.  We are sorry that this co-incides with the start of teaching.

If you are parking next week.  Please be aware that workmen with large loads will need access to the new car park.  It is very likely that you will therefore need to park on the road - please allow extra time to find spaces.

If you are coming for the next weekend we will contact you a little closer to the time to keep you up to date.

Best wishes