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Moodle upgrade - further changes

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Moodle upgrade - further changes
by Judith Rossall - Monday, 14 May 2018, 2:54 PM

Dear All,

A second note about the Moodle upgrade.  Everything should now be working normally.  Please note that, in future, you can access the Common Awards Hub for on-line journals etc using the block which appears at the top right hand on every page of Moodle.  This replaces the link which used to appear under 'My Modules'.

Your 'My Modules' is now divided into 'past' 'present' and 'future'.  Unfortunately, students cannot control where a module appears.  Please be patient as there are a lot of modules and the dates need to be set on each one.  There is no quick way for us to reorder modules, but hopefully you should gradually find that modules appear in the right category. 

Best wishes