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Old Building flooding

Old Building flooding

by David Hewlett -
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I want to update you on what is happening as a result of the flooding over the weekend in the Old Building. 

The good news is that rapid progress is being made on getting the building dried out.  The heating is back on, electrical power is restored to some sections so de-humidifiers can be brought in, and where power is not available generators are being used.  Insurers have responded very quickly and are being constructive. 

We are working with students on campus about how we will accommodate them in the coming weeks, and we are beginning to put longer term plans in place for those who have residential weekends and Easter schools.  We remain confident that we will be able to make these events work. 

We hope we can make a start to get the library back into shape but we are not yet able to say what service will be available to students.  We do not know how much access to the building you will be allowed to have whilst it is drying out or under repair, but if this is limited we will be putting in place other mechanisms to enable you will be able to borrow and return books.  I hope to be able to say more about this in the next couple of days.

Thank you to all of you have helped us deal with the extra challenges of the last few days and to those of you who have shared messages of support and of your prayers.

David Hewlett