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Nominations for Common Awards Elections!

Nominations for Common Awards Elections!

by Katherine Onion -
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Dear all Common Awards students,

As you may be aware, the Common Awards Management Board provides oversight of the Common Awards programmes. The Management Board meets three times each year, with two meetings in Durham and one in London. At present, the Board includes representatives from Durham University, Ministry Division (including Theological Education Institutions [TEIs]), and two student representatives. You can find out more about the Management Board on Durham’s Common Awards website.

The Common Awards team at Durham University facilitates the election process for student representatives to the Management Board, and we are happy to announce that nominations to stand as a Student Representative are now open.

Your voice is important

~ Are you interested in being one of the Common Awards student representatives?

~ Would you like to have a say in the ongoing monitoring and development of the Common Awards on a national level?

~ Would you like to represent your fellow students and contribute to Common Awards decision-making and policy development?

If so, please consider standing for election!

The role of Student Representatives

The role of the student representatives to the Management Board is as follows:

1.     To be present at the relevant meeting(s) of the Common Awards Management Board that they have agreed to attend;

2.     To provide an oral update at the meeting on any feedback they have received from students at their TEI;

3.     To submit any items of student feedback that they wish to raise at the meeting to in advance of the meeting of the Management Board in order for the Chair of the Management Board to review the items to be raised;

4.     To report back to students on matters raised and discussed at the Common Awards Management Board.

Please note that we will reimburse travel and subsistence costs for student representatives, and we will provide advice and support to the representatives throughout the year.

To stand for election, please complete the attached form and return it to by 31st January 2018

We will publish candidate information in early February (5th February) so that Common Awards students can vote for their student representatives. Your TEI will host a local election where you can cast your vote. The TEI will then send the results of this election to Durham University. The Common Awards team will use the results of these individual elections to determine the two elected student representatives. The Standard Transfer Vote method will be used to do this.

For more information please visit the Common Awards website. If you have any questions about the position, or the process, please contact Alyson Bird, Quality Assurance Manager (

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Common Awards Team