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Assignment Deadlines - Is this your first time? Some Advice.

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Assignment Deadlines - Is this your first time? Some Advice.
by Katherine Onion - Friday, 1 December 2017, 6:02 PM

To all students with assessment deadlines coming up over the next week or so.

This is just an email from the Registry Team to wish you well with your assessment and to say we are here to help.

Here’s a reminder of places to go for information and advice:

·        Go to Moodle, Academic and Foundation Information/ Academic Information / How to submit an assignment to get reminders about how to name your files, convert them into PDF and upload them onto Moodle:

·        Go to: Moodle, Academic and Foundation Information/ Forms Forms Forms / Assignment Forms to get blank cover sheets for 2017-18.  Remember if you download one of these you can type the rest of our assignment from page 2 onwards on this template and it will be correctly formatted with page numbers etc.

·        Go to the Academic Handbook (electronic versions available on Moodle/ Academic and Foundation Information/ Academic Information), for advice about referencing and writing your assignment (Appendix B- Preparing Work for Assessment and From Page 9- Submitting Assignments).

 You can always call us, most days we are open 8am-4pm and on Tuesdays til 6pm, either call reception after 9am and ask to be put through (or leave a message is we are engaged or unavailable), or dial 0121 4522624, 0121 4522626 (Mon-Thur) or 0121 4522668 (Tue, Wed, Fri).  If you are on campus call in and see us at the same times- and on Tuesdays, we can be found in main reception 5-6pm.  If you can’t get through or need us out of hours email    At Shallowford Jeanette and Andrew are happy to offer advice and get messages to and from us.  See the back pages of the academic handbook for all contact information.

If you have a problem with moodle use the moodle help line email  Check you have you have your username and password working and you are clear where to submit well in advance of the deadline, you don’t want to be struggling with those things on the day.

If you have a technical issue close to the deadline, try calling first and if you can’t get through email the registry address, explain your reason, note the time that you called and attach your assignment, this will put a date and time stamp on to show us you were ready to submit before the deadline.  We will be in touch hopefully later that same day to sort out the moodle submission with you without penalty.

Remember to name your file correctly and convert it to pdf, follow the advice listed above and if you are not sure how call registry.  But don’t leave calling until 1 hour before the deadline as we may well be very busy!

On the day registry will watch your files come in and as soon as we see an issue (e.g. you have named it incorrectly) we will send you an email to ask you to amend this.  If the deadline passes and we have not had a submission from you again we will email.  So, if you want reassurance that it has all gone in correctly, then no news here is good news!

If something has happened and you have been trying to get hold of your personal tutor without success, if it gets a bit close to the deadline again call us and we will find a stand in tutor for you.  This is likely to be your director of studies either Rachel Starr (Undergraduate), Jonathan Dean (Post Graduate) or Dave Allen (Academic Dean).  Remember to always be in touch as soon as you can prior to the deadline, once the deadline has passed there is little we can do unless you have a very good reason for not being able to be in touch on that day (e.g. something very serious has happened on the deadline day).

Some advice from previous experience: don’t leave too little time for referencing, proof reading, formatting of your assignment, these things may take a little longer than you anticipate and rushing those things at the end can cause you problems.  It is often good advice to ask a friend (who is not a student here) or family member to proof read written work for you to check for basic errors – so we encourage you to do this.  As summative assessment is coursework however, this mustn’t stray into helping you to re-write the essay, the essay must be your work and your words. There is advice for you and your proof reader about how they can help you on Moodle under Academic Information/ Other Academic Policies/

Note that asking your personal tutor or your (Lichfield Diocese) Study Buddy’s to look at a draft of some work is NOT proof reading as so falls outside of this policy.

Back up your work and save versions, email yourself versions (with clear names so you know which version is your latest) so that if you have a computer problem you can always use a different machine, log into emails and retrieve these.  Remember computer problems are not an acceptable reason for an extension.

With very best wishes,

Katherine, Wanda, Eleena and Donna- Registry