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IT Update 3

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IT Update 3
by Katherine Onion - Friday, 29 September 2017, 5:42 PM

To all students and Staff- IT update:

We continue to have serious problems with our IT connections in from Birmingham University affecting the reliability of the internet/ network connections across the Edgbaston campus for everyone.  This has been highest priority for the University to resolve since the beginning of last week and we continue to report the issue daily.  Our lack of control over this historic connection to the university is due to be resolved with the external line coming into Frances Young House (FYH).  There is however, slightly more positive news on this front – we are hopeful of getting wifi up and running at FYH in the next couple of weeks. 

A related but separate problem, caused by an issue with the University line 2 weeks ago is that the software that operates the door access system has become completely disconnected from the doors themselves.  As many of you know this has meant that we have been unable to create or issue any new cards for new students or staff and have instead had to recycle every single old temporary card to get the majority of new students underway.  There are still nearly 10 of you (both staff and students), who are entitled to a card but who don’t have one yet as we have absolutely none left.  That means for ongoing students we have no spare temporary cards at all if you forget yours- so please check that you have yours with you before you set out for college.  We are using cards from the QCC1 group who kindly handed theirs in at the end of induction weekend, for temporary visitors  etc. who are staying overnight.

In the light of this situation please could I ask all returning students if they could have a rummage about at home, in the car etc. to see if you have ever borrowed a temporary card and then forgotten to return it? If you have we are operating a swipe card amnesty, there is no penalty just drop it off at reception or in the out of hours hospitality box.

The situation with swipe cards is not likely to be resolved for several weeks.  Once the line is into Frances Young House is operational there is a large job to do to solve the problem, connect FYH to the rest of the campus and then issue new students and staff with the cards that we had bought and got ready for you.  If all goes well we would attempt to do this work during October ½ term when there is less critical campus activity.  This is a large piece of work and we will let you know when this is going to take place.

During this period we are conscious that it is difficult for students on campus to receive news items and messages via email or moodle news alert.  News items therefore are going onto the whiteboard in the new building and / or on the noticeboards in that area.   We will keep sending moodle news items etc. as those of you off campus can still receive them.

With thanks for your continued patience during these frustrating problems.