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New Year, New Moodle site

New Year, New Moodle site

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

Welcome (or welcome back) to Queen’s and to the Moodle site.

If you are a new student, you should already have the information in this message – so please just check it quickly.

For all returning students, I am writing to say that Queen’s has moved hosts for our Moodle site and therefore has a new address.

There are a number of things that we need you to do.  First, if you still have an assignment which is due for the last academic year (that is your hand in date was before 31 August 2017), you should upload that assignment on to the old site.  If you go to the old site you will see that the only a few pages are now accessible to allow you to do this.  If you still have assignments to complete, please note that the link on the website will now send you to the new site, so make sure you have the old site bookmarked.  Just as a reminder the old site is at:

For everyone else, please bookmark the new site and use this for all new modules.  We have copied across your old modules, so you will be able to access them.  However, please remember it is good practice to download any material you need from a Moodle page as we will archive them eventually and you will no longer have access to Moodle once you leave Queen’s.  Your login details remain the same.  Normally your user name will be your surname followed by your first initial.  If you have forgotten your password, you can use the automatic password recovery on the login page.  Your username will normally be your surname followed by your first initial (eg rossallj).   If the email does not seem to arrive, please check your spam box.  Please use this system and only contact us if there is a problem.

As ever, if you have difficulties, please email  Please be aware that we are currently inducting new students on to Moodle and will therefore be particularly busy.  Please make sure that you can access the new site now, in case there is a delay in our reply. 

Finally, if you prefer to access Moodle on your phone or tablet, please note that there is an app which seems to work pretty well.  Our site is enabled, and I encourage you to use this as a back up to your computer (you cannot do everything on the app).  Unfortunately, as this is an extra we cannot provide IT support for the app.  If there is something that you are unable to do, please use your computer. 

Best wishes