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End of academic year matters

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End of academic year matters
by David Allen - Friday, 23 June 2017, 8:37 AM

Dear Students

As we approach the end of term and end of academic year, I would like to flag some reminders re: dates/work over the summer period:

-          There is a key deadline of 30th June for the submission of, among other things, resubmission of failed assignments and UG dissertations. Unless you have made alternative arrangements (e.g. through an Independent Learning Plan), this date is a key one to which we would ask you to keep. This is in order to get the work marked, moderated  and returned, and into the exam board processes in good time.

-          Of course, there are other ‘standard’ or ‘planned’ modular deadlines in July as well, and we would be grateful for your customary attention to them too, as normal. We are aware that, for many of you, there is still work to be done in the month of July (!), before the holiday season properly ‘starts’.

-          Connected to this, can I also remind you about the process for seeking an extension to a modular deadline. Whilst we acknowledge that ‘life happens’, and events occur for which extensions are requisite and appropriate, the basic principles for extensions being given remains. They are not normally granted, for example, just because several deadlines fall close together.  Please see the Academic Handbook for guidance in this regard.

With thanks