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Signing in for Lunch - new information, please read

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Signing in for Lunch - new information, please read
by Judith Rossall - Monday, 10 April 2017, 12:42 PM

Dear All,

 This term, we are going to try a slightly different system for signing in.

 If you attend Queen’s only on weekends and or Tuesday nights you will not now need to sign in for meals.   Instead, we will sign you and ask you to email if you will not be present or if you would like to bring guests on a Sunday.  Please remember that a meal will be prepared for you unless you let us know that you are not coming.  Please give Daniel and the team as much notice as you can.

However, if you attend Queen’s during the daytime, you will need to sign in (including signing in for the Tuesday night meal if you will be there).  Please sign in as usual, remembering that there will be an occasional spot-check to ensure that everyone who attends a meal has been signed in.   We are attempting to get the system to send an automatic email to everyone who has not signed in by the Monday before the sign in sheet closes – but please do not rely on this.   May I remind you that the sign in sheet is standard every week and may include meals which are not happening.  Please check the menu to know when meals are available.  

If when  you open the sign in sheet, there are no questions for you to answer, this means you have not been enrolled on the page.  You can contact and we will enrol you as soon as possible.  Or  you can enrol yourself by clicking on the administration block and choosing the option to enrol.  Please remember that if you enrol yourself you will also need to unenrol yourself when you leave Queen’s. 


Best wishes