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Common Awards and QAA Annual Review - Student Engagement

Common Awards and QAA Annual Review - Student Engagement

by David Allen -
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The Academic Quality & Standards Group (AQSG), a subgroup of the Academic Management Group is tasked with drafting the annual review reports for the Common Awards and QAA for the academic year 2015-2016. Both require student feedback and evaluation which in part is done through the evaluation sheets completed at the end of each module. 


QAA  is looking for engagement of students in quality assurance processes: so we are asking for any feedback on:

  • current programmes offered, 
  • achievement and progress made,
  • quality monitoring processes,
  • areas of good practice and areas for improvement, 
  • identifying any specific areas that should be focused on.

For the Common Awards Report, similar to above with a few additions:

  • helpfulness of new Admissions letter for Students (First Year Students only)
  • how students are finding the course, including meeting expectations
  • workloads, progress, achievement,
  • concerns and difficulties, 
  • access issues for those with disabilities and educational needs
  • access to resources including on moodle, online and from library


Students across the College please email feedback to the student representatives on the AQSG:

Tom Parker Year 1 UG

Chris Preece Year 2 UG

Alana Lawrence PG QDC


Or catch us in the Student Common room the week after half term break.

Deadline for feedback is Thursday 3rd November for submission to College on 4th November.