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New system to sign in for meals at Queen’s.

New system to sign in for meals at Queen’s.

by Judith Rossall -
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Dear All,

 We are, as many of you know, introducing a new system to sign in for meals which will allow us to have much more accurate numbers.  This involves everyone who eats at Queen’s going to the new Hospitality and Catering Page (available under My Modules or under Centre/Chapel Information) and filling in a short form.  As soon as we are certain that the system is working, we will follow up those who do not sign in.

This week, we have been extra efficient and sent an example of the follow up email out a little too early.  If you received an email this week, please do not worry, there will be food for you next week.  But please sign in for meals the week after next using the new system.  If you think you got an email by mistake, please let us know.

Also, if you did not sign in, but also did not get an email, please go to the page and see if you are able to sign in.  It is very important that we check that everyone who needs it has access the sign in system. 

If you are a student who only attends weekends, you should only be expected to sign in the week that you are due to attend.  Please note that at the moment you will need to sign in a week and half ahead of your weekend, we realise this may be awkward but it is unavoidable at the moment and if your situation changes you can email 

We know that it is important to everyone at Queen’s to avoid wasting food.  We can only do this if we have accurate sign in numbers and we will soon be relying on the new sign in system to allow catering to order accurately.  Please work with us, but also bear with us as the new system beds in.

Please email queries about meals to and queries about the sign in system to

 Best wishes