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NSS Sruvey

NSS Sruvey

by Anjana Parmar -
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Dear Students

This term, the Queens Theological Foundation will be trialling the National Student Survey (NSS) with some training pathways and cohorts. The NSS is a national census that has been conducted annually since 2005. The survey gathers information from students about their learning experience. The questions relate to a number of aspects of their course and college experience. Due to the particularities of studying at Queens, some questions have been tweaked to reflect our unique learning environment. Information gained from this trial survey will be used internally to help the college assess if there are questions within the survey, and points in relation to the process, that need to be reviewed before the survey is conducted as part of the wider NSS process next academic year. The benefits of participating in this survey is that it enables learning institutions to effect changes designed to improve the student experience. In addition, more widely, the NSS acts as a Higher Education Quality assurance system. For more information on NSS please visit their website at  

Though responses are anonymous, please note that this anonymity does not extend to the Queen’s survey administrators, Katherine Onion and Anj Parmar as they handle the data in the process of administrating the survey. The survey should take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Please could you complete the survey by Friday 27th May. If any issues are encountered when participating in the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Katherine Onion ( or Anjana Parmar (

Please click on the link below, which will take you to the survey.

Thank you for your participation in this survey.