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Registry Opening and Submission problems

Registry Opening and Submission problems

by Katherine Onion -
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To all students,

Registry is open 9.30-2pm tomorrow only.  There are 3 submissions due in tomorrow for different students*, and we will be checking these are ok for the 1pm deadline.  If you have a technical problem with moodle whilst submitting this is a reminder to use the email to flag any issues.  This includes if you think you have uploaded the wrong thing - email this address and ask for your submission to be unlocked and returned to draft form- be clear which module and component you are asking about.  If in doubt if you have a serious problem that cannot be resolved, email any summative assessment in to prior to the 1pm deadline and include an explanation in the email as to why you had to do this.

We will follow up any problems afetr 2pom tomorrow on Thursday.

Best wishes,

Katherine Onion

Academic Registrar

*Don't worry if this is not you!