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Photographer On Site at Queen's During Winter and Spring

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Photographer On Site at Queen's During Winter and Spring
by Georgina Bewley - Thursday, 28 January 2016, 10:10 AM

As you will all know, The Queen’s Foundation website is currently undergoing changes so that it is more user friendly, informative and illustrates accurately our ethos.  This redesign is happening in stages and part of it includes updating the website imagery and photographs. 


As such, we have engaged with a professional photographer/film maker, who will be intermittently on site taking shots during the next 3 months.  These shots will be of the buildings, facilities, surroundings and potentially of people on site. 


Please be advised that if your image is taken, Georgina Bewley will obtain your permission to use it before it is published.  Should you object to having your image taken, please inform Georgina Bewley directly.  Equally, if you are happy to have your image used to illustrate our diverse and friendly community for any shots, and would like to volunteer to do this, please contact Georgina Bewley directly.  We will keep you updated on any scheduled photography activities.