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The Fruitful Field

The Fruitful Field

by David Hewlett -
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Many of you will be aware that the Methodist Church has been conducting a major review of its learning and training infrastructure.  The report of the Ministries Committee has just been published and will be debated at Conference on the 3rd July.  You can read the report from the Conference website:

A key recommendation of the report is that Queen's is the preferred institution to be the second 'Centre' in the proposed learning network (alongside Cliff College).

If Conference accepts the recommendations the implications are significant and quite daunting.  While the report is encouraging for Queen's there will be people in other institutions for whom this news is devastating so please hold them and us in your prayers, and all who will debate and decide about the report.  For Min Form Course candidates  there will be opportunity to discuss this at community meetings and for College candidates we will have a Discipleship meeting soon after half term where we can consider not only this report but other issues for next year.  I will be circulating a date for this meeting soon.