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SCM booksale - access for all students

Mark Earey
SCM booksale - access for all students
by Mark Earey - Monday, 7 December 2015, 10:51 AM

We are conscious that when SCM/Canterbury Press/CHP did their recent book sale at Queen's on Tues 24th November, many of our students were not able to access it (including part-time students, Readers, research students etc.).

SCM have kindly produced a special order form for us which allows those of our students and staff who could not be present for the sale (or who missed it on the day, or who wish they'd bought more!) to access the special reduced rates on selected books. I have attached the order form to this forum post. It is for the use of our staff and students please do not forward it to those who are not staff or students of the Queen's Foundation. Thanks.