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End of term events at Queen’s

End of term events at Queen’s

by Mark Earey -
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The Autumn Term finishes on Tuesday 15th December with our annual service of Carols for Advent and Christmas. We encourage daytime students and those who normally are at Queen’s for lectures on a Tuesday evening to attend if they are able to; all other students are welcome (but not required) to attend.

The Carol Service begins at 5.30pm (note that this is later than our normal 5pm service), and is followed by a meal at 6.30pm to which you are invited to bring desserts or ‘nibbles’ and drinks to share (the kitchen will provide a main course). There will be a special signing-in sheet which will cover both the carol service and the meal. Families of those on or near the campus are welcome at both the service and the meal, but you will appreciate that we will be short of space, so on this occasion we cannot yet be sure whether we can extend invitations or hospitality to other guests.

After this there will be home-grown ‘entertainment’ finishing at 9.30pm, which is organised by the student body (David McAloon and Tim Simms are key contacts this year – see the whiteboard for more information).

On Monday 14th December, Foundation Worship will take place as normal at 12.30pm. 

On Tuesday 15th there will be no lunchtime service at 12.30pm, but there will be a student-led act of Corporate Silence, starting at 12.45pm (like the one we normally have on Wednesdays).