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Academic Updates Ongoing Students

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Academic Updates Ongoing Students
by Katherine Onion - Tuesday, 17 November 2015, 8:17 AM

In the new building (and via Andrew to Shallowford this week and next if he runs out) around the trays with blank forms are some documents for the benefit of ongoing Newman and Durham students.  All are available on moodle however as several areas have been updated this year I wanted you to have access to paper copies if you wished.  There is a document "To all continuing students" which outlines the changes in academic handbooks from 2014-15 to 2015-16 and indicates where updated policies refer to all students or just Common Awards.  Maybe start by having a look at this and then see which hard copies you would like to take?  To try and save the trees I have not printed enough for all but I will top up if anything is getting low.  Print outs include the Common Awards assessment irregularities policy and sign off sheet which Rachel mentioned in her post about the Plagiarism study skills session coming up on 24th November.

Students who commenced in September 2015: versions of academic handbooks have been updated on moodle as have the forms such as for the extension or the cover sheet, they contain however only very minor amendments to wordings following receipt of  feedback post your receipt of these documents in induction.  So thank you for this feedback!  Go to the blank forms area at the top of of Academic Information on moodle always for the latest versions of documents.  I will try and make sure there is always a version number and date on such key documents.

Paper copies of blank forms:  I have updated all of the academic forms available in the trays in the new building.

Moodle Academic and Foundation Information: Work was done this summer to ensure academic items were under Academic, Policies (including academic policies) were under Policies, and there is therefore duplication with both these areas under General Information.  This was left on originally so as not to confuse ongoing student's used to things being in this location.  There is a quick guide to these areas of moodle at the back of the memo to continuing students mentioned above, we will be reviewing and removing duplication soon- but will leave a note in locations directing you to its new home.

Best wishes, Katherine