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Plagiarism and Academic Standards

Plagiarism and Academic Standards

by Katherine Onion -
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The study skills session on 24 November 2015 (2 -3.15pm) will focus on Plagiarism and Academic Standards and will be led by Rachel Starr.

We will look at what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. The session will also introduce the Queen’s plagiarism policies for students on Durham Common Awards programmes and on Newman programmes. All first year QDC students are asked to attend. Any second or third year QDC students who did not attend this session last year, should also attend.

First year QRC and QCC students receive this training during study skills sessions at the residential weekends this term. At the October weekend the session focused on referencing and what is plagiarism. At the November weekend, there will be a review of the plagiarism policy and process. Continuing QRC and QCC students who are unclear about the Queen’s plagiarism policy, should contact Rachel Starr.  

The relevant plagiarism policies can be found in the Durham and Newman Academic Handbooks which are available on moodle in the section, Academic Programme Information.

A reminder that during induction, all new students on a Common Awards Programme received a copy of the Durham policy and signed a declaration that they had received this policy which was handed in. If you are a continuing Durham student, this policy was not available when you started so please can you ensure you sign the same declaration, either having attended the session, or having read the policy in the handbook. The form (Assessment Irregularities Declaration) is available on moodle.  Some advice about other amendments to policies for ongoing students is coming out shortly along with paper copies of the updated Academic Handbooks.

Rachel Starr

Director of Studies (undergraduate programmes)