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Swipe cards and access to the Queen's Campus

Swipe cards and access to the Queen's Campus

by David Hewlett -
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Change to Swipe Card access at Queen’s

On Tuesday 27th, over the Half-Term break, we will be going live with a campus-wide swipe card system for building and library access.  This will replace the manual keypads for exterior doors and the dining hall, and the older swipe card system in the Old Building.  The Handsworth flats, however, will not be changing to swipe card entry.

Many of you will already have received your permanent, white swipe card.  Please ensure that you have this with you whenever you are on or are visiting the campus. 

If you are a current full-time or part-time Queen’s ministerial student, independent student, probationer, staff or associate requiring regular campus access and have not yet received your permanent card, please contact Hospitality ( 

Those who only come to the campus very occasionally, and external visitors or conference guests, will be issued temporary cards on arrival as necessary.

We hope that this will go smoothly, but if you have any questions or concerns, or if issues arise, please feel free to contact Hospitality (