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Change to end date of summer term

David Hewlett
Change to end date of summer term
by David Hewlett - Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 5:10 PM

The Queen’s dates list for the academic year gives the end of the summer term as Friday 6th July 2012, which is the end of the tenth week of the term.

In fact most module teaching in this term only lasts 9 weeks and will be over by Thursday 28th June.

Hence we propose to make Thursday 28th June our formal end of term date. In the week beginning the 2nd July there will be no daytime or evening classes (except for the module M10 on Wednesday evening and QF 422 Revelation on Thursday afternoon).   During this week there will be no services in chapel.

Lunchtime meals will continue to be served for those who are permanently resident on site from Friday 29th June to the final meal on Friday 6th July.  If you want meals for this period you must book in.

Our expectation will be that those who are weekly or daily commuters will clear their rooms on or before Thursday 28th June. However, it will be possible to continue to use your room (and to book in for lunch) if you will be working at Queen’s during Week 10. If this will be the case, please let Rona know. If you don’t let Rona know your room will be cleaned and cleared ready for other users!