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Moodle News for Leaving and Continuing Students

Moodle News for Leaving and Continuing Students

by Judith Rossall -
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Just a few updates for what is happening over Summer.

If you are leaving/have left Queen's.  Please note that we plan to delete the accounts of those who have left Queen's during the Christmas break.  This will allow you time to download any remaining information and will allow those students with some assignments still owing time to upload them in the usual way.  Please be aware that this means that you will continue to receive emails from Moodle until your account is deleted.  If you no longer wish to receive emails you will need to unsubscribe yourself from the Forum which is emailing you.  In particular, you may wish to unsubscribe from the Forum on the front page - which is easily done by signing into Moodle (at the new address of and then clicking on 'unsubscribe from this forum'.  For all other forums, please follow the guidance provided in the 'Guide to Using Moodle'.  Please take this action yourself rather than emailing the office asking us to stop the emails for you. 

If you are continuing at Queen's, please note that Moodle will be upgraded on 11th August at 12.00pm.  At the moment we are expecting that this means that Moodle will be unavailable for one hour around that time and we will send you a reminder nearer the date.  We are advised that Moodle should be 'slicker' but not too different after the upgrade.  The Guide to Using Moodle will be updated over Summer - please refer to that if you have any issues with the upgraded site, before you approach the office. 

Best wishes,