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Campus use after the end of term

David Hewlett
Campus use after the end of term
by David Hewlett - Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 6:47 PM

A reminder to all students that although the 'teaching term' finishes this week there will still be much happening on the campus.  We have two Easter schools: one in Holy Week and the other beginning on Easter Sunday.  The dining room will be catering for students on these Easter Schools, but not for others who are on site.  The exception is Easter Sunday when all those living on site are warmly welcome to share lunch.  Please sign in for this meal.

If you are vacating your room this week please make sure the in/out board is accurate.  For reasons of fire safety it is really important that you don't allow any one else to use your room even if it is not required by Rona for the Easter Schools.