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Student Refreshment Centre News on behalf of Craig Manley

Student Refreshment Centre News on behalf of Craig Manley

by Georgina Bewley -
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Dear All, 

Just a short dispatch to inform you that the running of the Student Refreshment Centre has been handed over to a new team of four people with responsibility for the remainder of this academic year, and for the year 2015/2016. 

Bar Management will be the responsibility of Kirsty Deakin (Third Year to be) and Elizabeth Harris (second year to be). All requests for staffing of the centre and  stock issues should now be passed to these Students to action. 

Financial matters for the Refreshment centre and for the Common Room levy will be the responsibility of Angela Tarry,(Third Year to be),  and Chris Hardy, (second year to be). 

Helen Croft will retain control of the finances until the accounts are prepared for audit and a practical handover takes place. 

May I express my thanks to all the students who gave up their precious time to serve others in the centre. This is extended to those people who at very short notice agreed to fill gaps as they arose. Special thanks to, Helen for all her hard work with the accounts, and to Queens family members who quietly support the tidying of the common room without making a fuss (You know who you are). 

May the centre continue to be as successful and I now intend to enjoy the Common Room’s   ambience for the remainder of the terms rather than being the ‘wrong side of the counter’!

Every Blessing