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Black and Asian Staff and Student Group

David Hewlett
Black and Asian Staff and Student Group
by David Hewlett - Friday, 30 January 2015, 12:30 PM

Invitation to Black and Asian Staff and Student Group (BASSG)


It has long been a commitment of the Queen’s Foundation that “the perspectives, voices and priorities of Black and Asian [staff] and students across the whole Foundation are heard, supported and represented."  I have been consulting with Black and Asian staff and we believe that there is a need for a group which can further enable and ensure that this commitment is being lived out.   With an increasingly dispersed student body there is a greater challenge but we hope that using a combination of virtual and face to face processes allows for wider participation. 


I therefore invite and encourage all current staff and students of Black and Asian heritage associated with Queen’s in whatever capacity, to be a part of this group (BASSG).  The group aims to be a sounding board with affirmation, recognition and motivation for each other, in order to make a positive contribution to the life of Queen’s Foundation. By sharing our culture, history, experience and perspective the group will enable Queen’s to be a place of excellence. 


To enable honest and open sharing the discussion forum on Moodle will be available only to those who are registered, so if you are of Black or Asian heritage, please respond by email to say whether you would like to be a part of this group and you will be registered to the Moodle Forum.   This will enable you to participate in discussions and also make you aware of the times when meetings are planned, in the first instance, one evening per term.  In addition to the Moodle forum and the meetings you can always make contributions through the following tutors: Mukti Barton, Joseph Suray and Dulcie McKenzie.


Please email Rev Dr Joseph Suray ( by Monday 16th February to join this group.