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Foundation Worship 20th and 21st January

Foundation Worship 20th and 21st January

by David Hewlett -
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Next week, during the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, those who gather in chapel at Queen's will be sharing in our annual covenant and covenanting service on Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  If you are going to be in chapel on either evening you need to prepare for the service.  The attached document will help you to do so.  It contains, first, the covenant prayer that you are invited to pray, which renews our response to God's covenant commitment to us.  To pray this with integrity requires self-examination and preparation.  Second, the document contains words of commitment that you are invited to make as we seek to faithfully, obediently and creatively to live in God's unity.  Again, to say this with integrity requires careful preparation.

If you are not going to be in chapel at Queen's you may wish to use these texts in other ways - at other times/places where you gather or in your personal prayers.

In whatever way you participate in this process I trust that it will enable our faith and life to be renewed.

David Hewlett