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Bring and Share food for Tuesday 16th Dec

Bring and Share food for Tuesday 16th Dec

by Mark Earey -
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This is a message for all those who are coming to the end of term event at Queen's next Tuesday, 16th. After the carol service (5.30pm) we will have a meal (6.30pm). We are invited to 'bring and share' nibbles and puddings for the meal. If you are bringing and sharing, please be careful about potential allergens, and particularly about NUTS. If at all possible, please do not bring nuts or items containing nuts.

There are two aspects to this:

  1. If you bring anything in which nuts are an ingredient, please make sure that it is clearly labelled as containing nuts.
  2. Please do not bring nuts themselves to share. Although they will be obvious and easy to avoid, for those with a very severe allergy (and at least one of our guests on Tuesday has such an allergy), just the smell or dust from them could cause a potentially life-threatening reaction.

Many thanks.