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Changes to Assignment Submissions

Changes to Assignment Submissions

by Georgina Bewley -
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Dear Students, 

The Academic Team are keen to act on feedback to improve the service we provide to the Student population.  We have therefore introduced a small and valuable change when submitting your assignments.  

All assignment submissions now only require the Assignment Title Page Template to be completed as page 1 of each of your assignments.  The A5 ‘Cover Sheet’ is no longer required.  This link will take you directly to the template; note that if an assignment does not have the required information on the first page, it may be returned to you unmarked.)

Part of this upgraded process, will require you to indicate if you require your paper (hard) copies of your submission to be returned to you.  As of 2014-15, assignment submission will only be returned if you select 'Yes' to Paper Copy Return.  No response or a response of 'No' will mean that once the submission has been fully processed it will be destroyed via our confidential waste management provider.   The e-copy of your assignment submission will be held for archiving purposes. (Please note our Policy is to provide all Feedback and Marks on the ‘Module Coursework Assignment Sheet’ and there will be no comments written on your assignment submissions.)  

Best Regards,

Georgina Bewley

Academic Assistant


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