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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

by David Allen -
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We will be having asbestos removal across campus this week (week commencing 20th October). This will be in the boiler room in the new building and also in the administration block.  Work will begin on the administration offices on Monday and will go through to Friday. There will still be access to the admin block at this time; however, the offices that are affected will be out of bounds.

The asbestos removal on the ground floor will take place the weekend of 25th & 26th Oct. There will be no access to the Admin building on these days whatsoever as work is taking place to the entrance of the building and continue on the ground floor w/c 27th.  During half term, removal from areas of the admin block will continue.

The asbestos will be removed safely and contamination units will be placed in skips in the car park area. The air quality will be monitored constantly and the risk to health is extremely minimal.Asbestos in the New building boiler room will be removed from the back door (where the whiteboard is) and a tunnel set up for safe removal. The pigeonholes and access to tutor studies will not be affected. Once again, there is very minimal risk to anyone’s health.

Please let Alex in Hospitality know if you have any queries regarding this.