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Annual Foundation Event - online Saturday 12th June - Zoom link

Annual Foundation Event - online Saturday 12th June - Zoom link

by Mark Earey -
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Our Annual Foundation Celebration Event takes place this Saturday, 12th June, starting at 11.00 (GMT+1) on Zoom. We will have 40 minutes of worship, followed by a 20 minute screen break, and then a second part at 12.00 (GMT+1) (for approximately 30 minutes) at which we will look back over the past year, offer some thank you's, acknowledge in particular all our leavers (from many different cohorts), and hear from our Principal and governors. 

Everyone who is associated with the Queen's Foundation is warmly invited to attend, including (but not limited to) students, staff, partners and families. It won't be quite the same as our usual marquee on the chapel lawn, but we hope that being online means that an even wider group of people will be able to attend than would be the case in a more 'normal' year, including our global students. It also won't matter if it rains!

You can join the online Foundation Celebration Event by clicking on this link.

The link above should take you directly to the event, but here are the details in case you need them: 

Meeting ID: 919 1947 3986         Passcode: 505120