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Meet the Principal!

Meet the Principal!

by Clive Marsh -
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As a celebration of the new student-run Common Room Zoom Account, and to give the Queen's community a chance to ask awkward, searching, nosey questions of the new Principal, there's to be a 'MEET THE PRINCIPAL' evening  on Zoom on Wednesday Nov 25th from 6.00 to 7.30 pm

Bring a drink and a cream bun. Duck in and out of the gathering.....or be captivated by the conversation and stick around for the whole time!

SSCF Chair Ruth Edmonds will host the event, and Clive will say a little bit about himself before fielding questions, either sent in beforehand (to Ruth: or 'from the floor'. He is also intending to inflict some of his favourite music on those gathered during the course of the evening!

Here's the link:

The link should take you directly to the meeting but if not, here is the Meeting ID: 923 856 0608 and Passcode: 934952

See you there!